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stonepics.exe is the only file available for download, but it is a compressed self-extracting WinZip file that creates four others. The 2 MB file should download in a few minutes or less depending on the speed of your modem.

Inexperienced users often cannot figure out where to find a file once it is downloaded from the internet. If you have this problem, use the appropriate detailed instruction option. If you are comfortable with downloading files and with navigating the file system on your computer, use the general instructions designed for any version of Windows. Choose the instruction set that suits you best:

If you are unable to download the stonepics.exe file for some reason, Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Site has it on-line for direct viewing. You may also request that we e-mail the compressed database to you directly. If these solutions do not meet your needs, it may be necessary to acquire a copy on CD.