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Ordering CD's

This page provides pricing and general information about ordering StonePics CD's. To actually place an order over the internet, go to the list of communities completed, click on the CD number that you want, and the PayPal order buttons will appear.

StonePics offers two methods for ordering CD's:

  1. You may order directly from StonePics by sending a personal check written in US dollars or a cashier's check in US dollars to our office. Cashier's check or bank checks are available for a small fee from most Canadian Banks written in US dollars. Money Orders purchased from the Post Office are not acceptable. Please include your phone number and/or e-mail address so we can contact you if there is some question concerning your order. Our mailing address is:

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  2. The quickest and easiest method for ordering and payment is to use PayPal (, an internet based money exchange service accepting all major credit cards and other forms of payment. StonePics has been a PayPal member since 2002.

    PayPal on-line ordering technology is integrated into the StonePics web site and appears only as two buttons labeled: "Add to Cart" and "View Cart". The buttons are found on web pages describing each of the CD's available. StonePics will receive your order immediately from PayPay by e-mail. If you have a question or problem with this method, please contact our office by e-mail or phone.

    The StonePics CD's contain a generous number of photos. Most CD's contain several cemeteries from a number of different communities so it is important to check your PayPal order carefully to confirm that you have not accidentally ordered multiple copies of the same CD.

CD Pricing:

Price per CD, single user license
(approximately 2 ½ ¢ per photo!)
$43 US
Shipping charge   $0

We also offer individual photos as an option to purchasing an entire CD.

Shipping Time: Normally shipments go out on the same day or early the following day. Large orders may take several days to prepare. Shipping to US addresses is by USPS 1st Class Mail arriving in 2-5 day. International orders will be sent by airmail requiring one to three weeks depending on location. Canadian customers should expect about 10 days to Ontario and up to 22 calendar days to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, perhaps depending on hold-up in Canadian Customs.

Libraries and archives interested in having all CD's loaded on a network server for access by multiple users should contact StonePics for license details.

If the payment options offered on this page are not satisfactory to you for some reason, please contact our office.